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ALPHA CAMP Men's Lightweight Packable Puffer Jackets

ALPHA CAMP Men's Lightweight Packable Puffer Jackets

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100% Polyester

Super-light padding jacket, soft fabric and hand-filling poly padding provide both perfect outlook and warm feeling like down jacket.

Placket zipper with whistle is a very interesting and helpful design. When you get lost with your companions or in danger, you can just blow it for help.

Side pockets with zipper improve security, Things could not slip out when outdoor activities.

U-shaped pillow : you can tuck the jacket into the U-shaped pillow and use it when you take a bus or plane.

Puffer jacket is lined with a new thermal reflective fabric at your back, to efficiently regulate your body's temperature by insulating the most vital areas. Besides, the jacket still remains lightweight to keep your body warm and comfortable in all outdoor conditions.

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